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The rise in popularity of polished and dyed concrete flooring has many people asking why it has become the go-to flooring choice in high-end commercial and residential buildings in and around New York City’s five boroughs.  


The answer is simple: Professionally installed and maintained finished concrete floors are extremely durable, environmentally friendly, visually pleasing, and, surprisingly, cost-effective.  


Concrete flooring has become popular in luxury residential and commercial properties in the five boroughs because it is extremely durable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and virtually water-resistant. If properly installed and maintained by professionals, concrete flooring will withstand daily abuse from heels, heavy furniture, pets, and the elements.

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DIY versus Professional

Using a variety of finishing techniques, highly skilled finishing and polishing contractors can transform drab, slab-gray concrete into polished, painted, and poured works of art. Unlike DIYers, skilled flooring contractors can transform utilitarian concrete into elegant and colorful flooring that becomes the focal point of any room.  


A high-end, modern concrete flooring finish is achieved when professionals employ artistic techniques such as stamping, stenciling, airbrushing, acid-staining, texturizing, patterning, and painting.

Types of Concrete Finishes

The three most common concrete finishes installed are cream polish, aggregate polish, and salt and pepper polish. 

Cream Polish

Cream polished concrete floors, the most popular concrete flooring installation for new residential construction, involve polishing a new concrete pour so the natural variations are visible.  


The result is an organic, marble-like finish.  

Aggregate Polish

Aggregate polished concrete floors, achieved when the surface is poured with heavily ground concrete, leaves large aggregate exposed.  Aggregate polished concrete floors are highly desirable because of their durability and upscale terrazzo-like appearance. 

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper polished concrete floors are achieved when concrete is lightly ground so small aggregate remains exposed. This finish is more durable than cream polished concrete and can be installed in renovations and new construction.   

Can Any Concrete be Polished?

Whether installing new concrete floors or looking to upgrade an existing concrete floor, New York City Epoxy Flooring can polish any structurally sound concrete. New concrete floors need time to cur אתe before they can be polished.  


The professional finishing and polishing contractors at New York City Epoxy can begin work on new concrete floors twenty-eight days after installation.  

Everything Old Is New Again

Professional concrete finishers can transform the appearance of old, dull floors by removing grease, dirt, and grime, repairing blemishes, minor cracking, and crazing, and polishing the surface to a smooth, glossy finish. A variety of techniques can be employed to disguise minor flaws and give old floors a fresh, modern appearance. 


Unfortunately, some existing concrete floors have a wavy, cracked, deeply pitted, or crazed surface. This is considered heavy damage and is usually the result of unskilled technicians or DIYers installing or maintaining the concrete. An experienced flooring contractor can determine if concrete can be repaired and polished or if it needs to be replaced. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Installation costs of polished or painted concrete floors vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. A basic slab-poured or overlayed concrete floor with simple polishing and staining or dyeing costs between two and six dollars per square foot.  Adding multiple colors to a design can increase the price from seven to fourteen dollars per square foot.  


High-end, luxury designs that require the application of multiple colors, acid-staining, texturizing, stamping, stenciling, airbrushing, and patterning can run between fifteen and forty dollars per square foot.

The importance of Professional Service

Although there are more economical flooring solutions, a professionally sealed and properly maintained concrete floor can last for generations and is more durable than bamboo, linoleum, wood, tile, slate, or brick. Concrete floors can withstand high traffic abuse, making them a logical and ultimately economical choice for use in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.  


Business equipment, spilled milk, little feet in soccer cleats, and even the family pet’s sharp nails won’t damage a professionally installed and maintained concrete floor. For that reason, concrete floors are worth their weight in…concrete!


New York City Epoxy Flooring employs the highest-skilled finishing and polishing contractors, a commitment to excellence that has earned the company five-star ratings on numerous sites and the attention of major news outlets like FOX and CBS.  Call New York City Epoxy Flooring at (917) 306-3626 today for a free estimate for your flooring needs.