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Want to transform your old boring looking garage to something worthwhile. Make your garage instantly come alive and lighten up the mood. Epoxy garage floor coating is one of the most durable and resilient coatings you can apply to your garage floor concrete. Garages are becoming more nowadays both in commercial and domestic situations. 

 Epoxy floor coatings can be selected according to taste with a variety of colors and designs. Epoxy flooring is a resin formed when epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. The hardener is what gives epoxy coating its will immediately add aesthetic value to your garage and gives it a sheen. 

It also adds luster and has a gloss-like effect that makes it all the more sophisticated touch. Since garages are most often exposed to corrosive and chemical contaminants from vehicles and other machinery, you might want to protect your floor further by using the Epoxy resin coating.

We offer A Same Day Estimate with 2 days Epoxy Garage System , starting from 1999$ per garage. Call us now and get 10 years warranty.

Garage Epoxy NY

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Benefits of Garage Epoxy & Driveways Flooring

Great Visibility

Reflective materials enhance lighting: the Garage is generally known to be a dark place and gloomy even with a couple of lights placed. But the reflection of the Epoxy flooring greatly enhances the lighting in the room and automatically its overall perception quality.

Super Durability

On its own, concrete is hard but can be susceptible to cracks, wear and tear over time. Stains caused by oil or other chemical spill are also very hard to get off. But when coated with Epoxy it immediately increases the combined durability and makes it stronger thus lasting for longer periods. It also becomes resistant to oils, moisture and any form of chemical agent that may be accidentally spilled.

Beautiful Flooring solution

Modern Epoxy Floor Coverings are Beautiful and Inexpensive -Epoxy floor covers are normally wonderful, giving a gleaming, consistent floor that will keep going for quite a long time to come. At Prime Coat, we give you unlimited authority over the shading and style of your epoxy floor covering. You can make your working environment delightful notwithstanding sheltered and tough.

Perfect for you cleaning efforts

 is resistant to moisture and oils as well as dust. It is thus very easy to maintain and keep clean and the Garage is generally a very untidy place. This will make your garage with a feel of purity with minimal effort. Also, mechanical work becomes easy to do like the floor is slippery which makes it easy to slide under and out again plus any vehicle oil spillage is easily cleaned and taken care of.

All marks, tracks as well as dirt that may follow tire trails can be identified and cleaned as well.


Service area of our epoxy garage solution

If you want to unsure that our epoxy experts serve your area, you can calm down. Our team operate all over the state of NY and serve We are local and can be at your place in less than 24 hours. We proudly serve a major Neighborhoods in the area including BronxBrooklynManhattan, and Queens

We also serve at NJ and long island.

FAQs about epoxy garage

It’s hard to estimate the total costs of garage epoxy flooring project without the all details, However, in general, the cost are somewhere between 7$ to 15$ per per square foot.It’s hard to estimate the total costs of garage epoxy flooring project without the all details, However, in general, the cost are somewhere between 7$ to 15$ per per square foot.

There are a lot of factors you should consider before choosing your garage epoxy flooring contractor. We suggest that you will be really careful with flooring companies that offer epoxy solutions in addition to other services that they provide. Your Epoxy Flooring contractor should be someone that specialized in Epoxy flooring,

Basically,epoxy flooring can  the last  5 to 10 years (Residential Garage).

Yes, epoxy floors considered as extremely durable. epoxy can protect your floors from damage and any kind of impact.

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