An Epoxy Coating is very important for your floor is it adds a lot more durability and it makes your floor harder to scratch or damage. In fact, a lot more people use Epoxy flooring contractors once because they don’t need their service multiple times. It just goes to show the reliability and durability provided by such a product in the first place.

Do you really need Epoxy flooring?

The first thing you want to do is to test and see if your floor has a lot of moisture. In order to add metallic epoxy once or any type of Epoxy, you will need to make sure that the floor is dry. If there’s any moisture, this will not work at all. Also, you can’t use Epoxy flooring with a concrete sealer on the floor, as these two are incompatible. In case you have a new slab, you will need to wait around 28 days for the new slab to cure properly. And yes, you might have to remove the floor paint as well.

Prime and clean the floor

If you want to add residential or commercial Epoxy solutions once, you will first need to remove the grease and oil stains with a degreaser. Sanding off any rubber residue is a crucial aspect at this time too. Vacuum the debris and use a pressure washer. Etch the floor, remove the acid, rinse the floor with clean water and let it dry, then patch cracks with the epoxy crack filler.

Adding the epoxy coating

Now that you completed all these tasks, what you need to do is to figure out whether you need a water-based or solvent-based epoxy. The solvent-based ones are available in lots of colors; water based products are clear and less hazardous. While it’s not mandatory to use a primer, using one does help a lot, and it makes a lot of sense to add it at first.

You should buy enough epoxy for 2 coats. For example, if you have 900 square feet, you will need 5-6 gallons in total, although percentages will vary based on the situation. You should also buy protective gear.

  • You can apply the epoxy primer with a nap roller
  • Leave the primer to dry for 12-24 hours
  • Mix a batch of epoxy with a stirring bit and a drill
  • Add the first coat of epoxy
  • Leave it for a day to dry off
  • Check if there are any holes, holes or anything like that, repair them and then wait for at least 12 more hours until you add the second coating.
  • Add the second coating; this one should have a non-skid product added in it as well.
  • Leave it to dry off for a day, and now you can use the floor the way you want.

As you can see, the process of adding metallic Epoxy once can be a bit challenging and complex. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to work with professional Epoxy flooring contractors once, as it will make things easier and better for you. Use this to your advantage and hire the best in the business to help you, this way you save time and money!

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