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re you looking for something different apart from the regular old flooring materials? Are you bored with the same old materials? You can try something innovative with epoxy flooring for home. They have become quite popular in commercial areas with heavy traffic like industries, hotels, hospitals, offices, salons, etc. Since it comes with resin coating finish it can be used in both outdoor as well as indoor of your house. Even you can repair your old damages at home like cracks, pits, and dents with it. The best part is you can customize it according to your choice to reflect your personality.

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Some of our Epoxy Flooring Solutions.

Your one-stop solution to all your flooring needs is epoxy. We N are ready to guide our clients on their specific requirements and offer high-end services like installation and repair as per their knowledge and experience. The range of services include floor leveling, surface preparation, concrete polishing, poured flooring for kitchens, warehouses, etc, epoxy floor installation and coating, surface repairing, etc.

Tired of cleaning and repairing your garage floor? Consider choosing epoxy resin coating to augment the look and protect the garage surface area of your home or business for a long time. The resin instantly bonds with the garage floor to create a sturdy surface. Now forget about the hassles as it is super easy to clean spills, water, motor fluids, and other liquids with just one swipe.

Basement of the house is synonymous with dark, dank, and a humid area. Incorporate epoxy flooring and customize it with brighter shades and vibrant designs to revamp the look of the entire area. The basement area suffers from problems like moisture and molds. Epoxy adds a cleaner look to the space since it acts as a moisture barrier due to its non-porous nature.

Kitchen Epoxy Floors

Breathe life into your kitchen with epoxy. It acts as wonders as it can be incorporated in the kitchen in places like countertops, back-splashes, and flooring. Create a granite finish look on your countertop and bid goodbye to the old spots, stains, knife scratches, cracks, etc. With a fraction of the cost, you can get a mind-blowing backsplash and an epoxy resin flooring for the kitchen with designs, swirls or metallic finish.

Epoxy Floors for Bedrooms

Curl up and unwind your stress in the pool of beauty and comfort by embracing epoxy. It’s time to discard the old methods like carpeting and wood flooring.  Add your personalized touch to your private space through the different options of customization available in floorings. Bring in charm to the ambiance by adding silver or gold glitter to the epoxy resin coating and cover the headboard of your bed.

Bathroom Epoxy Flooring

Create a masterpiece bathroom by filling colors in your canvas with epoxy resin coating floors. They are extremely efficient in controlling the moisture and gives you a firmer base to position your feet against the stand-up showers. They even protect the floors from any kind of water damage due to its non-porous nature. With epoxy, the maintenance and cleaning of the bathroom become super easy.

Epoxy flooring for Living Rooms

Living room is the first thing one notices from the entrance and it serves as a multi-functional space. It is that part of the area where we bond with our family and friends. The living space includes sofas, coffee tables, desks, bookshelves, and other furniture. It can be considered as a heavy traffic area in your house. Use a palette of color-mix in your epoxy resin coating and add a chic look to your floors. Try incorporating them in your coffee table too


Fireplaces add warmth and comfort in the living room. Create an effect of drama with a beautiful finish of epoxy resin coating in your old fireplace that is no longer in use. With epoxy, you can very easily remove the stain and spots of sooth. It also comes with three to four years of warranty without repairs.


 Patios are the outdoor areas of your house. Most of the people use the area to soak in the sun, read books in the breeze or connect with the family members. The patios mainly bear the weight of grill, furniture, and other heavy items and therefore durability remains a priority issue. With epoxy resin coating floors you can get a hard resistant floor that will last for a long time. 

Benefits of Epoxy

while we end up paying thousands of bucks for so many expensive materials it is indeed an advantage to have epoxy flooring installed for residential purpose. This can be used in both the interiors as well as the exterior areas of our house. The best part is that it is durable and easy to maintain. Now you can elevate the look of your house with tailor-made designs and colors according to your choice.  You can read more about epoxy as a material in our guide or blog.


Protective: Epoxy floors come with protective features like hard finish and non-porosity. It is hard to create dents, damage, or crack in the floor since the adhesive mix of the resin dries up very hard. It is also spill-proof due to its non-porous nature and just a swipe is enough to clean the place.


Low-Maintenance: The maintenance cost of the epoxy floors are very less due to its durable and sturdy nature. Areas of heavy traffic can install epoxy and still go with it for years without frequent maintenance and repairs. 


Unique: Epoxy floors are unique in nature as they can be customized according to the choice and preferences of the customers. Thus mass productions are not possible in epoxies. You can handpick latest ideas like embedded stuff, add glitters in the resin, create metallic surfaces, add or mix various shades, etc.

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Residential Epoxy

Flooring options like tiles, woods, stones, marbles, etc come with their own set of disadvantages. By installing epoxy flooring you can yield high returns on your investments through sustainability, affordability and low maintenance. Thus epoxy becomes a more convenient choice for residential users.

Epoxy floors are durable since they are formed from an adhesive mix that dries up very hard and it is difficult to make dents, holes, damages, or cracks in it. Due to its durable feature, it is the most trusted product in commercial areas of heavy traffic like hotels, hospitals, industries, retail shops, etc. Maintenance is also hassle-free and because of its non- porous nature, it doesn’t absorb any kinds of liquids. You can instantly get rid of dirt or dust with just a swipe. 

Epoxy flooring is very reliable and it doesn’t put much strain in the pocket of people. You can customize it according to your own convenience and choice, however, if you want to create an artistic effect with 3D drawings then the budget can elevate a little. Generally, the pricing starts from 10$ per square feet. 

There are multiple numbers of epoxy flooring contractors available in the city. For information related to the concerned matter, you can log in to their official website and fetch details. You can also check and pick from the list of epoxy flooring contractor according to your choice and preference.

Services are available in different boroughs of New York and New Jersey City. The boroughs of New York are the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Staten Islands. Epoxy floorings services are also provided in all the 565 municipalities of New Jersey. 


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