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Brooklyn Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking for affordable epoxy installers in your city? There is no need to worry as we are providing our best epoxy installation services in all parts of Brooklyn. Feel free to contact our Epoxy flooring contractors if you are looking forward to coating the floors with epoxy, be it in your resident or industry. We have the best experts in our disposal cater service to different parts of the city. Be it metallic flooring finish or commercial and industrial epoxy, our experts will provide you with the best service without compromising quality and style. And ofcouse you won’t need to worry about the budget as we have the affordable flooring solution for you.

What services do we offer?

Epoxy flooring company has a bunch of trending epoxy solutions for varied industries types as well as commercial and residential flooring. Whether you want to make a magnificent entrance for your home or an astounding lobby for your office, we have the most affordable and convenient solutions for you. Apart from commercial and industrial solution, epoxy is a great option for the garage as well since it is more durable than the normal flooring with tiles and carpets. Coming to the patterns of flooring, we provide varied styles and trendy designs to choose from like metallic epoxy. Here is a short description of our service.

Metallic Epoxy

It is a low yellowing epoxy, which is prepared by blending the epoxy resin and some metallic pigments. Metallic epoxy floors are extremely durable, slip resistant, chemical resistant, seamless and antimicrobial. These floors look extremely beautiful and unique and in addition to that, they are quite strong and dust-resistant.

Garage Epoxy flooring

Garage epoxy flooring expert not only gives the garage a bright and lustrous look, rather it protects the underlying floor from heat, cracks, and grease of the heavy cars. These floors can endure bulky weights of the cars and they also do work as an anti-dusting floor.

Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy countertops have become a new trend in this era. It gives a creative look to your kitchen table and the bathroom. The surface gives a glossy look and its smooth surface is easy to clean and it is also heat and water resistant. The epoxy is much stronger and durable compared to the other countertop material and coatings.