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As an epoxy flooring company we know that epoxy is a great, heavy duty adhesive that can come in handy for a multitude of projects. It’s a very good idea to use it if you want to repair items, patch cracked floors and so on. However, there are situations when you also want to remove epoxy. This can be very tricky to do, unless you have the right tools. With that in mind, here are the best methods you can use to remove epoxy.


Using vinegar to remove epoxy is a very good idea. It works with both uncured and cured epoxy. The idea here is to add some vinegar on a cloth and soak the area with epoxy. As soon as it softens up, you can wash it with soap and water.

Heat gun

Sometimes when nothing seems to remove the epoxy, it makes a lot of sense to use a heat gun. The idea is to heat the area in question, and you can scrape the epoxy off as soon as it becomes softer. It works great, and it definitely makes the experience very convenient and rather simple too.

Denatured alcohol

If you have cured epoxy and you want to remove it, then it makes sense to give this a shot. It will help you a lot, and the overall results can be second to none every time. You just have to use it as an advantage.

Universal thinner

Using universal thinner can be a great and simple way to remove epoxy naturally. The best part is that it’s biodegradable, and it can easily dissolve epoxy without any worries. You have to give it a try for yourself, it’s well worth it and it can deliver amazing results.

Isopropyl alcohol

When you want to remove uncured epoxy resin, isopropyl alcohol is a very good option. It works great because the liquid resin is not that hard yet, so you can remove it with without that many worries. It makes a lot of sense to test it out for yourself, but it’s definitely a great option, especially if you want to remove epoxy fast.


In case you have epoxy on your skin, one of the best ways to remove it is to use acetone. You will have to apply acetone to the affected area with a cotton swab, and then you just have to continue rubbing the area until the epoxy resin can be removed completely.

We recommend you to use any of these tips and tricks if you want to learn how to remove epoxy properly. It can take a bit to remove epoxy with some of these methods, but it will eventually go away. It’s hard to deal with epoxy, especially when it’s cured, since removing it can be a problem. Yet these tips and ideas can finally help you remove epoxy properly and ensure that there are no issues. It’s very helpful and it can offer you all the benefits and results you expect. Just make sure that you handle any epoxy removal substances carefully to avoid any problems, and you will be fine!

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