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Epoxy is a term that’s come to represent a class of materials and the act of using those materials. Epoxy “systems” are based on a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically react to form a rigid plastic material. The final material is strong, durable, resistant, and bonds extremely well to most base layers. We provide a great solution and offer you the option to enjoy our expert epoxy flooring contractors in NY.

Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors – Self-leveling epoxy is applied over new, old, cracked, or damaged concrete floors to create a smooth, seamless, durable, and low maintenance flooring surface.
Epoxy Mortar Floors – this is the strongest epoxy floor system available. This high-build, seamless system is made with 100% solids epoxy and graded sand or quartz sand and then troweled into place.
Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors – Quartz epoxy flooring systems combine high-performance epoxy polymer resin with colored quartz grains resulting in a multi-functional floor that’s decorative, sanitary, slip-resistant, and exceptionally durable.
Anti-Static Epoxy Floors: Electro-static charge can be extremely dangerous in many work environments. Anti-static epoxy flooring helps to reduce static hazards. This flooring system typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to drain, ground, or dissipate any potential discharge. It’s highly recommended in environments that contain flammable materials.
Epoxy Flake Floors: Flake floor systems are made when colored chips or flakes are placed within the epoxy to create vibrant, multi-hued, seamless, resilient surfaces

10 benefits of Epoxy flooring

⦁ High level of durability thus lasts longing
Has a beautiful and customizable aesthetic value
⦁ Requires low maintenance
⦁ It is relatively safe
⦁ It is resistant to wears and chemical spills
⦁ Lowers cost and material depletion
⦁ Impacts on the productivity of the environment used
⦁ It is easy to install and fast
⦁ Has a high strength level
⦁ Usually has a fine luster and glow-like finish

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

There are several industries out there that utilize Epoxy floors as their primary choice of flooring due to certain desired properties of the coating type which may vary from industry to industry. (e.g. highly sophisticated machinery industries that utilize highly sophisticated and precision based machinery such as lasers or state of the art printers normally like to maintain a standard of purity and dust free environment) others include: agro-based industries, airports, retail stores, banks, malls, Hotels, packaging industries, pharmaceutical industries, hospitals which all effectively utilize Epoxy based flooring for one preferred property or the other.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A metallic epoxy floor covering is essentially a yellowing epoxy and a metallic shade blended inside. As such, modest, nearly sparkle like colors are blended into an epoxy pitch and after that poured onto the floor or substrate. At the point when these shades become fomented with a paintbrush or roller, they accumulate, discrete, wander aimlessly to reflect light at various edges. In the long run, the epoxy solidifies and the metallic shades are bolted into spot and give a three dimensional, swirly look. The establishment strategy is the thing that decides the last look of the floor and is a basic part of accomplishing the ideal look.

Garage epoxy flooring

The garage floor covering is a standout amongst the most affordable and stylishly satisfying approaches to upgrade a plain dark solid garage floor. These rock-solid frameworks do not just update the vibe of the floor, they likewise increment flexibility to marks, tire stamps, and shroud minor flaws. With numerous design options for the base covering, which can be additionally improved. Garage coatings give you a wide exhibit of plan alternatives. Garage floor coatings possess multiple advantages and as well as customization options such as using colored marks that can be made to indicate proper alignment for parking in the Garage or coloring to camouflage future stains

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We comprehend that industries have exacting prerequisites with regards to the ground surface. You need an elite floor that can withstand even extraordinary conditions and substantial maltreatment without separating, representing a security or wellbeing risk, or turning into a blemish. This is achieved by Epoxy flooring.

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